Optimize Water Management with Custom-Built Reservoirs

Our many years of experience designing and building reservoirs make us ideally placed to assist you in the process of constructing a reservoir to increase water supply and cropping.

As Consultants and Project Managers we are able to oversee the construction of your reservoir.  Calling on our own irrigation knowledge, commissioning specialist Panel Engineers and appointing experienced excavation contractors, we can deliver a reservoir on time and on budget.

Reservoir construction generally follows the stages as listed

A full land and water survey is conducted throughout the farm estate. We then take into account the types of crops being grown, and determine from the soil types how much water will be required for each crop in a dry summer. A calculation of the total required water volume is then made in preparation for an abstraction licence application to the environment agency to fill the reservoir during winter months.

Large above ground Reservoir Regulations

For reservoirs storing over 5 million gallons above the lowest natural ground level around the outside of the reservoir, the project has to be overseen by a Government appointed Panel Engineer. AJ Freezer would then act as ‘Engineer to the Contract’ in these instances, carrying out daily inspections and informing the Panel Engineer of any issues or concerns with construction works or soil changes.

For reservoirs on a flat site, 10 million gallons is the maximum limit which can be stored using the balanced cut and fill design without the requirement of appointing a Panel Engineer.

All reservoirs are logged with the Environment Agency register and have an annual inspection by an independent qualified inspecting engineer. AJ Freezer can organise this and provide the inspector with information and details of the reservoir for him to evaluate.