Custom Pump solutions to fit your requirements

AJ Freezer can supply, install and service irrigation pumping systems as part of a reservoir build or for river abstractions and boreholes.
We can design, plan and oversee the installation of a new system ensuring quality of parts and that the installations are of the highest standard.

New Installations

When considering a new installation, there are 2 main types of pumping system available of either electric or diesel which are suitable for different types of water supply.

  • Diesel Water Pumps
    Suitable for rivers/streams/reservoirs.
  • Surface Electrical Pumps
    Suitable for rivers/streams/reservoirs depending on proximity/availability of sufficient 3 phase electricity supply. We can carry out applications for the installation of a new electric supply if required.
  • Electric Borehole Pumps
    For irrigation from existing deep well boreholes.

The installation of water pumps is designed to suit daily irrigation acreage requirements for the farm.

Replacement Installations

Replacement pumps or pump spares are available for borehole, diesel and electrical pumps systems. We can make an on-site assessment of any existing pump and advise you of the best course of action to replace or repair. Our experienced engineers can make on or off site repairs depending on the severity of the problem.

Typical replacement parts or service requirements include:

  • Mechanical seals
  • Bearings
  • Shaft or impellor replacement
  • Electric motor rewinds
  • Engine servicing

Other Services

Domestic Boreholes

We offer a supply & installation service for bore holes to supply water for either domestic use or livestock drinking.

Water Testing

Water quality tests are also available to ensure water is safe for human consumption or crop applications. Your water supply can be tested for levels of nitrate, bacteria, and any other elements as required.

These tests are very often required by the supermarkets and other multiple outlets standards such as Food to Fork and Natures Choice to ensure quality of water being applied.