Trusted Supplier of Bauer Irrigators for Effective Watering Solutions

AJ Freezer supply and sell Bauer irrigators. We have found this manufacturer to be the most suitable for our customers’ needs offering good manufacturing quality and a wide range of optional equipment.

Manufactured in Austria
Machine totally galvanised as standard – long durability – very hard wearing & thicker hose.

Manufactured in the UK

Choosing the Right Irrigator

All irrigators are designed to suit the water application required. If you are unsure about which irrigator best suits your needs, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise you on the correct specifications. The more details you can provide about your irrigation needs, (crops, field lengths, water supply) the more efficient and productive we can make your system.

Specifications usefully include adjusting the hose diameter, hose lengths and gun trolley design to match specific crops to be irrigated, field sizes and water volumes.

After sales Service

After purchase and delivery of your irrigator we offer ‘first use’ set up assistance including demonstration and operational tuition given to members of farm staff who will be using the irrigator.

On-site repairs and maintenance service to irrigators – no need to transport your irrigator to us (unless the problem is exceptionally bad)
Examples of on-site repairs include gearbox repairs, broken chains, replacement of bearings, welding repairs and seal replacements.

Winterising Service

Your irrigator is prone to frost damage if you do not take preventative measures before winter arrives.
We can ‘Winterise’ all of your irrigators to ensure they will be protected against frost damage.

All water holding components of each machine are drained of water, with the hose being blown out with compressed air and chains and other parts greased where required and computers packed away for winter.
You will be provided with an inspection checklist at the end of the work informing you of any repairs or part replacements we feel are required before the next season, including parts and labour pricing.

We can also Winterise electric and diesel water pumps.

Examples of Optional Extras Available

Briggs Irrigation Booms

Irrigation Booms are an optional extra to replace the standard gun and trolley and can be supplied in various boom widths to suit crop requirements – salad/delicate crops benefit from boom irrigation, which provide uniformity of application and a finer spray of water with minimal wind drift affect.

Overland Irrigation Pipes & Hoses

We can supply 4″ & 5″ aluminium pipes or various sizes of lay flat hose up to 200 metres in length with end couplings in order to connect your irrigator to a water supply hydrant or pump.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Irrigation Specific Options

Telephone dial up and telephone text systems can be added to the computer, allowing an additional level of control and communication with the following features; –

  • Instant on/off control of multiple irrigators via mobile phone SMS messaging – reduces labour and travelling time to and from the pump when starting the irrigator.
  • Speed of the irrigation wind-in can be adjusted according to your crop requirements and the ever changing weather.
  • Notifications received on any irrigator issues such as loss of pressure or machine breakdown.
  • Solar panels fitted for charging computer batteries.
  • Flotation tyres can be fitted to prevent larger machines from sinking in wet headlands.
  • Twin axles can be fitted to provide better stability and manoeuvrability on larger irrigators.
  • Hydraulically operated turntables can make the task of turning the hose drum much easier, especially with long hose machines.